Skyrocket Your Bench Press 20… 30… 40-pounds Instantly With The Pad Lock Gripper!

Hi There! If you bench press at a commercial gym… chances are you’re cutting 20… 30… even 40-pounds off your max bench press poundage!

Simply smack on our Pad Lock Gripper and watch your bench press increase as much as 40-pounds for the typical bench presser. Your gym buddies won’t be able to figure out how you got so much stronger overnight. And as you know… lifting heavier weights translates to more gains on not only strength… but size as well!

Increase Your Max Reps With The Pad Lock Gripper!

Use our Pad Lock Gripper just once with a weight you can normally get for 3-4 reps and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed when you discover the weight you could once get for 3-4 reps you can now hit for 6…7… maybe 8 reps! And you know more reps… more strength… more size! Blow away dozens of 225-pound NFL combine rep numbers.

How does it work? The answer is simple. Bench pressing with an arched back and retracted scapulae allows greater use of the lower fibers of the pec major. Flat backed benching uses more upper pec fibers and the anterior deltoid. These muscles are not as strong as the lower fibers of the pecs. When you arch and retract your scapulae, you are stronger… plain and simple. This is proper powerlifting form. The issue with most bench pads, is they do not allow you to arch and retract the scapulae. They are slippery. You need a Pad Lock Gripper to arch and retract using powerlifting bench press form. Using proper powerlifting bench form can add 40-pounds to your bench instantly!

The Pad Lock Gripper Protects Your Shoulders And Rotator Cuff Too!

Benching without a retracted scapula (flat backed) puts all the stress on the anterior deltoid instead of the pec muscles. This is not good. Bench pressing like this with a flat back will damage your shoulders- if it hasn’t already. It’s darn-near impossible to keep your scapula retracted when the bench pad is as slippery as wet fish. But when you bench press with our Pad Lock Gripper… You can safely keep the scapula retracted… putting the emphasis on the pec muscles. It’ll be safer for you and it will also help you develop that “ass chest” everyone is after

The Pad Lock Gripper Instantly Turns Your Crappy Bench Pad Into A Competition Bench!

The Pad Lock is made from the same material used to cover our $200 competition-spec 12”x48” Pad Lock bench press pads. Our gripper is not some cheat or some gimmick. It’s made from the same material legally used for powerlifting competition. Now you can walk into any gym, anywhere in the World and know you can hit your maxes (or damn near close) on any bench they have- regardless of the pad.

Why Are Bench Press Pads In Commercial Gyms So Bad?

The bench press pads used in most commercial gyms (or cheap “home gym” benches) are just too slippery for “real” bench pressing. Sure… if you’re the casual soccer-mom or pencil pusher who’s bench pressing the bar and maybe a few 10’s… you may not need a Pad Lock Gripper. But if you’re looking to extract as much as you can from your training sessions… to proceed without a Pad Lock Gripper is just plain ol’ stupid. Commercial bench pads are designed for maximum wear and tear. Slippery pads force you to bench flat-backed… and that’s not the correct (or safe) way to bench.

The Pad Lock Gripper Is Easy To Fit To Practically ANY Bench In ANY Gym!

It takes just a few seconds to affix the Pad Lock Gripper to your bench. Simply place the Pad Lock Gripper on top of the bench pad and wrap the elastic under the pad and affix with the heavy-duty velcro. The elastic is made from actual powerlifting knee wrap material so you know it’s strong as heck and will last your entire training career. The Pad Lock Gripper can be affixed to a flat bench… decline bench… incline bench… even an adjustable bench if you’re doing dumbbells. And when you’re done benching… just pop it off, roll it up and stick it in your gym bag. It weighs practically nothing and takes up very little space. Beside your belt… this may become your most valuable piece of training gear. Dollar-For-Dollar, it IS the most valuable hands down.

Your Bench Poundage Blows Up… Or You Don’t Pay!

Here’s the deal… try the Pad Lock Gripper for yourself. If you’re a powerlifter, you already know how great it’s going to work- but if you’ve never benched on our diamond “gripper” material before, you’re in for quite the surprise! And if for any reason you do not like benching more weight for more reps, all while protecting the life of your shoulders… just send it back within 30-days for a full and complete refund. No questions asked. We’ll refund your money even if you’re an idiot.

Better Than Old-School “Fixes” Such As:

Before the Pad Lock Gripper… “in the know” bench pressers were forced to use band-aids such as resistance bands… chalked shoulders… kitchen cabinet liner… or even going shirtless and relying on sweaty shoulders to keep you retracted and gripped to the pad. If any of those methods really worked… I would never have created the Pad Lock Gripper. What about those gripper t-shirts? I love the idea- and I even tried them too. First of all- at $35 plus shipping, to me, they’re a bit costly. Second- they fit me odd. Third- the printed graphics on them may not be to everyone’s taste. But worst for me anyway… after a few washes, they lost much (eventually all) of their stickiness. Then I was left with an expensive, ill-fitting, t-shirt. The Pad Lock Gripper will not lose its grip for 20,000 bench press sessions. In other words- it’ll NEVER stop gripping you.

The Pad Lock Is The Grippiest Gripper You Can Buy!

Only the authentic Pad Lock Gripper uses 2 unique grip materials- one on the top side and one on the bottom side. On the top, our “diamond knurled” grip material is custom made exclusively for us. It’s diamond grip pattern is identical to the diamond knurl found on sharp power bars. This deep diamond grip pattern bites hard into t-shirt fabric and into skin for the ultimate “pitbull” grip. Our diamond grip material makes the Pad Lock the grippiest gripper you can buy. On the bottom side of the Pad Lock Gripper, we use a custom dot-pattern grip material that is has more flat surface area than the diamond pattern used on top and is designed exclusively for flatter, harder surfaces like the bench pad. With this added bottom-side grip, you can rest assured the Pad Lock Gripper will not bunch up and slide on the slippery bench pad like other grippers. You can get as aggressive as you want with your setup and the Pad Lock Gripper will not budge an inch… or even a millimeter. Walk your feet back and arch as hard as you can… your shoulders will stay “locked-in”. We went the extra mile and worked with leading US-based fabric companies to manufacture the ultimate grip materials. We could have took the easy way out and simply used of-the-shelf “water ski” seat vinyl like other grippers, but that material is nowhere near as grabby as our exclusive “diamond” and “dot” grip materials.

And At Just $39.95- SHIPPING INCLUDED… It’s A Gym-Bag Must Have!

Now you can walk into any gym and not worry about how piss-poor the bench press pads are. All you have to do is slap on your Pad Lock Gripper and you instantly turn any ol’ bench press pad into a competition-grade pad. You’ll be able to retract your scapula and they’ll stay put. You can also bench with as much leg drive as you want without sliding off the top of the bench. It’s just a remarkable training aid. And at $39.95 shipping to any address in the US… it’s a real good deal- even if you’re a casual bencher. For the serious bench presser… a Pad Lock Gripper could very well be worth 2 to 3 times more.

Special: When You Buy Your Pad Lock Gripper Today… You Can Get a 2nd Gripper For Just $30 Extra… Save $10!

Why would you maybe want to get 2 Pad Lock Grippers today? The answer is simple. Maybe you want one for your home gym and one to leave in your car for when you go to commercial gyms. Maybe you want to give one as a gift to a friend who also wants to increase their bench press. Maybe you want to use 2 Grippers on one bench at the same time. Why would you do this? Some people like to use the 2nd Gripper for under their butt so they can grip from both ends. Like a full body grip. Regardless of the reason… if you want to pick up a 2nd Gripper today… you can save $10.

Order Your Pad Lock Gripper Today!

Let’s bench more weight, for more reps… and keep those shoulders safe. A risk-free $39.95 is almost a joke. It would cost you more to make your own gripper- sourcing the even ordinary grabber material alone will cost $35… Our “diamond and dot” knurled materials are exclusive to us… the knee wrap material would be another $20… the velcro is $3… then the labor to cut, hem and sew it all up. You’d be looking at $70 and lots of time to make your own. And that’s before you figure out the measurements! So, at $39.95… shipped… tested… and guaranteed, there’s little mystery why we can’t make them fast enough. So, order yours now before we are sold out and let’s see how much we can blow-up your bench press. Thanks! James Strong

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